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Advantages of a Yard Irrigation System

Troy MI Irrigation System Service

Are sprinkler systems worth it? Here are some advantages to consider before asking yourself if you should install outdoor irrigation for your home or business.

Time Savings

Hand watering or using a manual sprinkler to water your lawn and garden requires careful planning and a significant investment of your time. The ideal time to water your landscaping is between the hours of four and ten a.m., making it a challenge for those with larger properties or who have limited hours of availability. With an outdoor irrigation system, you can set it to automatically stop and start within your desired time frame for maximum effectiveness and savings.


A professionally designed irrigation system can be strategically positioned to direct the water by location, timing and need instead of allowing runoff on sidewalks or driveways.


Eliminate unsightly hoses and sprinklers with sprinkler heads that are only visible when in use and retract neatly out of sight when they’re not. Drip irrigation is another efficient watering solution that also looks visually appealing.


Depending on the climate and soil conditions in your area, your lawn will likely require 30 to 60 minutes of watering once or twice a week. Too much or too little water can result in an unhealthy landscape, but with a properly scheduled automatic irrigation system you can rest easy knowing your plants will receive the perfect amount of water with little to no waste.


Don’t make plans around your watering schedule—with an automated system you are free to sleep in, go on vacation, or simply take the day off without worrying about watering your landscaping.


This type of system can be customized to suit any size of property, unlike manual sprinklers which have a limited range of motion.


Reduce the amount of water you use to water your lawn and garden with the strategic placement and timing of your irrigation system. Studies have shown that as much as seven percent of runoff can occur from poor use of residential water. Installing eco-friendly irrigation systems that are used properly can limit waste to a minimal. source:

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