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Signs That It’s Time to Update Your Sprinkler System

  1. Your sprinkler heads are not accurate.

    If your sprinkler heads are overshooting your lawn or providing more water than needed, you should look into adjusting or replacing your sprinkler system. Invest in low flow sprinkler heads in order to save money and avoid wasteful water runoff in your home or business. Low flow heads use modern technology in order to provide accurate and even water to your yard.

  2. Your pipes are close to the base of a tree.

    Sprinkler pipes that are placed too close to trees will eventually run into problems. Tree roots can grow around the pipes, dislocating them and even splitting the pipes in two, rendering them useless. A sprinkler system that was put in place 15 years ago when the tree was just a sapling might now be next to a tree that has large, destructive roots. Don’t remove the tree – have a professional remove the pipes and place them in a more sensible location.

  3. You keep finding leaks.

    It’s true that small leaks can be easily repaired. However, if you keep finding more and more frequent leaks or larger leaks that are not fixable, it’s time to call a professional and have them install a new sprinkler system for you.

  4. Your water bill keeps going up.

    If your water bill keeps rising every summer season, it’s time to have a professional come perform an inspection. We’ll tell you if you need to replace just part of your sprinkler system, or would be better off replacing or retrofitting the entire thing.

  5. Your irrigation system is more than 25 years old.

    The older your system is, the more likely it is to fail. Additionally, technology is always changing in the world of sprinklers and irrigation systems. Even if your old sprinkler heads are still working, that doesn’t mean they are providing you with the most cost-effective use of your water. Water conservation is a big deal in times of drought, and every little bit helps. Don’t be “that neighbor” with your old, wasteful sprinklers watering the sidewalk rather than the trees and grass.

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