One of the most common questions we get from our irrigation clients is “Do I really need to winterize my sprinklers?” and the answer is yes!

During a deep freeze, your above ground irrigation equipment is easily destroyed. There is no better way to protect your irrigation investment during the cold winter.

1. Improperly winterizing the system yourself could lead to issues

Michigan is no stranger to winter cold, so you probably know that frozen pipes can cause all kinds of problems. While you avoid frozen household plumbing pipes by keeping the water moving with a slow drip (because you can’t just turn the water off to your house all winter), you can’t do the same with your outdoor plumbing. To avoid broken irrigation pipes and parts during freezing temperatures you must completely blow all the water out of them before the first freeze.

Although you can winterize your sprinkler system yourself, we highly recommend having experts completely blow out all water in your irrigation pipes. That way you can rest assured your sprinkler system will be ready to go come spring and all the components will last as long as possible.

If you do attempt it yourself and there is any amount of water still left in your irrigation pipes or sprinkler heads, it will expand as it freezes, creating pressure and stress that can lead to breakages in your pipes, valves and even expensive components such as your backflow preventer.

2. You can address & avoid costly repairs before Spring

Having your irrigation system inspected & winterized before cold weather strikes is one of the most simple ways to avoid sprinkler repair in the Spring. A single freeze can break dozens of components that are necessary to the successful function of your sprinkler system, leaving your lawn without the water it needs to thrive come springtime. Rather than spend hundreds of dollars & plenty of time on undiscovered sprinkler repairs at the start of the spring season, invest in winterization & be prepared.

3. Forgetting to winterize could void your warranty.

Many irrigation system warranties won’t cover damage that’s caused by freezing temperatures, leaving you to cover some hefty repair bills by yourself. Is it worth it to you to gamble on whether your warranty will be valid without sprinkler winterization?

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