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Romeo MI Sprinkler System Service

Signs You May Need a Sprinkler System Upgrade

Let’s face it: Your irrigation system will inevitably age. While there’s no way to stop sprinkler wear and tear altogether, there are ways to assess and address inescapable damage to know if it’s time for a sprinkler system upgrade.


Do you know the life-cycle of your current irrigation system? How old is the system, and how many years in relation to that life-cycle does it have under its belt? Have you had to replace parts, or noticed repeated signs of distress and damage? Keeping track of these answers will help you assess the age and quality of your system alongside the need for a potential sprinkler system upgrade.


Leaks can occur in multiple spots along your irrigation system. The most common leaks in older systems take place in the mainline, the internal or external tubing that carries pressurized water from your water source to your irrigation valves.

If mainlines leak, your system will fundamentally under-perform, as there won’t be enough water reaching valves and sprinkler nozzles for distribution. Likewise, leaks within sprinklers, nozzles and valves themselves won’t be as comprehensive of a replacement, but still an indication something is wrong.


Occasional maintenance and sprinkler system repair is not only to be expected — it’s a good thing! You want proper expertise and oversight across your system’s lifespan. However, repeated breaks and repairs — especially in a single season — is a telltale sign it’s time for an upgrade.


A sudden and sustained leap in your water bill often points to an inefficient irrigation system. This can be due to any number of complications, from a poor initial sprinkler installation to pipe leaks to a compromised base water source.

Increasing the efficiency and sustainability of your property is not merely a feel-good step — it’s a functional one, too. If you note unexpected jumps in your water bill, and those leaps sustain themselves across watering seasons, it may be prime time to look into a new sprinkler system.


Over-watering and under-watering are equal woes for any landscaper. With a sprinkler system controller, you can automate water distribution flows to address these concerns directly. Yet older or non-automated systems cannot adjust flows based on plant, soil or weather changes, meaning increased work for you and an increased likelihood of improper watering.


At the end of the day, the biggest reason for a sprinkler upgrade is due to an out-of-date system. Simple sprinkler repairs won’t cut it in the event of old and antiquated pipes, parts and water pressures.


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