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Michigan Spring Startup Service

Start your spring without a hitch! A Spring Start-Up service is vital to keeping your sprinkler system running efficiently and making your lawn look its best. Not only will this service have your lawn looking great all season long, it will save you time, money and provide peace of mind. Let us tell you how:

1. Avoid costly repair

Certified technicians ensure that all of your sprinklers are in good working order for the upcoming season. They start by cleaning all of the irrigation lines and performing repairs on leaks in the system, clogged pipes and nozzles, and non-rotating sprinkler heads, just to name a few. Acknowledging and fixing these issues at the beginning of the season before turning your system on, will allow you to avoid costly repairs down the road.

2. Save time

Spring has officially sprung and our “to-do” lists for inside and outside the home are getting long.  From spring cleaning and packing away winter clothes to tidying the yard and planning your garden for the coming season, there is a lot to do in short amount of time. This will take one major task off your plate by properly starting your irrigation systems. It will have you feeling ready for spring and give you more time to tackle other projects.

3. Be prepared

A Spring Start-Up service will have you feeling confident that your sprinkler system will be up to the task for the coming months. After the service, your sprinkler system will be firing on all cylinders and will be prepared to have your grass looking its best.

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