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How to Tell if You Need Sprinkler Repair

Oxford MI Sprinkler Repair

Brian Moran – Owner of American Lawn Sprinkler

A sprinkler installation is a yard’s cardiovascular system, ferrying precious fluids through a network of channels to keep the entire organism healthy. That’s why it’s important to keep your lawn sprinkler system installation in peak condition—and if it’s not operating smoothly, then you may be in need of sprinkler repair.

Here Are 3 Signs You Need Sprinkler Repair

1. Unresponsive Valves

Irrigation valves supply water to an area of your lawn and several sprinkler heads. A malfunctioning valve is a sure sign that your lawn irrigation system is in need of some maintenance, but unless you’re checking closely, it’s easy to miss. A sign that your valve may be plugged up is an entire area of your lawn will be dry. A valve also may fail in the open position which will lead to flooding of your lawn.

2. Leaking Sprinkler Heads

Check your sprinkler heads periodically for leaks. Leaking can be caused by cracked or broken heads which could potentially lead to wasting liters of water.  To avoid this, be sure to winterize your system against freezes, and be mindful of your sprinkler heads when doing yard work.

3. Dying Grass

Ugly patches of dry, brown grass are the surest sign that your lawn isn’t being properly irrigated. There are many potential causes: first, check for leaking or malfunctioning heads, and then look to see if your system is getting sufficient water pressure.

If you are in need of Oxford MI Spinkler Repair, please contact American Lawn Sprinkler at (810) 796-3245 to setup an appointment. 

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