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We all strive for a healthy, vibrant green lawn every summer. It boosts curb appeal, provides a safe landing space for your kids’ summer games, and helps contribute to the overall well-being of your home. The key to a healthy lawn is a well-functioning irrigation system.

To keep it in optimal operating condition, your sprinkler system should receive the same treatment as any other home system or appliance—routine maintenance, repairs, and replacement when performance starts to decline. You wouldn’t expect your washing machine to give you more than 10 or so good years, and your sprinkler system isn’t any different.

5 Signs Its Time to Replace Your Sprinkler System

  1. Frequent leaks. Small leaks in your sprinkler heads can be repaired. However, if your sprinkler heads continue to spring leaks after repeated repairs or the leaks become more frequent, it’s probably time to forgo the repairs and admit the time has come for a system upgrade.
  2. Low water pressure. You may begin to notice that your sprinkler isn’t able to project water as far or as efficiently as it used to. This is a sign of age and wear. The problem could be caused by chips or cracks in the sprinkler head, or it may be time to replace the system altogether.
  3. Growing water bills. Have you started to notice that your water bills seem to increase with each passing summer? Sprinkler systems become less efficient as they age, requiring more and more water to get the job done. Call a plumber to determine whether the problem can be isolated to one section of the system, or if it’s time for a replacement.
  4. Poor design. Especially if you are not the first owner of your house, it may be the case that your sprinkler system is simply poorly designed for your lawn. If your sprinkler heads overshoot your lawn or you find large dry spots where water isn’t reaching, these can be signs of poor design. Work with a plumber to figure out which type of sprinkler system will best meet the needs of your lawn, and create an efficient new design plan that will allow you to save money and minimize water waste.
  5. Your system is 25+ years old. Every home system has a lifespan. The older your system is, the more likely it will be to break down. Even if your current system is still operating as well as it ever did, upgrading your system sooner rather than later could be in your best interest. Thanks to advancements in technology, newer sprinkler systems are much more cost-effective and energy-efficient than older systems. What you spend on a replacement, you’ll save through years of energy-efficient irrigation.

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