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American Lawn Sprinkler is a family owned company that is proud to boast over 38 years experience installing residential & commercial lawn sprinkler systems. We use only the best commercial grade heads made by leading manufactures such as Rain Bird and Hunter.

Whether your water source is a municipal supply, a private well or pumped from lakes, pond or streams, American Lawn Sprinkler has had plenty of experience. For greater efficiency and prompt service our office is fully staffed, and our trucks are radio dispatched, and GPS enabled. For your safety our company is fully insured.

It is important to us that you get the best installation possible. We realize that when we make you happy you will tell ten people. In fact 95% of new business comes from customer referrals. We have many satisfied customers throughout the Michigan counties of Genesee, Lapeer, St Clair, Oakland and Macomb.

Give us a call at (810) 796-3245, the estimate is FREE. Or you can request an estimate online with the estimate form conveniently located on the right. We are also very proud to have played a key role in the development and testing of the Extra Flow®.


  • Hunter Preferred Contractor
  • Rain Bird Select Contractor
  • In Good Standing With The Building Trades Association
  • Imlay City Chamber Of Commerce Member
  • HomeAdvisor Top Rated Contractor
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How We Got Here

In 1968 Bryce Reynolds started a lawn sprinkler company called Sprinkler System Service based out of Shelby Twp. MI. It was nicknamed SSS for short. They specialized in lawn sprinkler installation and repair. It was one of only a handful of lawn sprinkler companies in SE Michigan at that time. The Lawn Sprinkler industry was in its infancy.

In 1972 Bryce hired Joe Moran, a 21 year old from Centerline MI. Joe quickly became Bryce’s foremen and right hand man. Together they worked the next 8 years or so installing and repairing lawn sprinkler systems. He and Joe perfected their craft every year by attending industry trade shows, classes, and seminars pertaining to their field. He and Joe became the “go-to guys” for everything sprinklers in S.E. Michigan.

In 1980 Joe was hired by General Dynamics Warren Tank Plant to be a Journeyman Pipefitter. Joe thought that possibly his days in the irrigation industry were behind him, however, he quickly learned otherwise. His friends & co-workers hired him to install their sprinkler systems. In those days, it was hard to find quality sprinkler repair people. There simply wasn’t enough of them around. Joe can recall several times when, SSS customers would come to his house after work because they needed sprinkler service.

It was because of this that Joe decided to start his own business. In 1981 he named it American Lawn Sprinkler. For the next 5 years, Joe spend his days as a journeyman pipefitter. At night he ran his sprinkler business. He and Bryce remained friends and many times, the two companies collaborated on big commercial irrigation projects.

Around 1986 Bryce was diagnosed with cancer, and within 6 months, sadly, he passed away. Before he passed, he asked Joe if he would take care of his customers for him. Joe agreed and with the additional customers from SSS, he could no longer balance both jobs. He made the decision to go back into the sprinkler business full time, and he never looked back.

Joe has a reputation within the industry of honesty, integrity and quality work. He does what he promises and performs every job with perfection. He would instill these same values into many of his employees over the next several decades.

In March of 1988 the business was incorporated, and officially became American Lawn Sprinkler, INC. Joe has always been patriotic. He loves Bald Eagles, flags and all things American.

In the summer of 1990, the business was doing very well. Joe needed more space so he built an office and warehouse building to run the business on 18 acres in Dryden MI. They did much of the work themselves.

In 1983 Joe’s oldest son Eric began work at American Lawn Sprinkler alongside Joe. Eric proved to a natural at the business, much like his dad. He was fast and did impeccable work. He worked several years in the business, but he left to pursue other interests in 1991.

12 years late, in the summer of 1995, Joe’s, youngest son, Brian began working alongside him as well. He was only 12 years old, but he was eager to work. His first job was on the clean-up crew. He was taught to “make the homes look better than they did before they had arrived on the job site”

Brian continued working at American Lawn Sprinkler all through high school. In 2001, He enrolled in college at Western Michigan University (2½ hours away from home). While there, Brian found part time work at a lawn sprinkler company in Kalamazoo where he worked as a service technician. It was a large company (4 times the size of his dad’s business) and Brian was able to learn different approaches and techniques he hadn’t seen before. When he returned home to work in the summer, he adopted some new ideas into their own business that they still use today.

In December of 2005, Brian graduated from WMU with a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management. He returned home and continued working in the business.

In May of 2010, due to health concerns, Joe retired from full time work, and Brian took over as president of American Lawn Sprinkler.

Today, the business is as strong as ever. Brian carries on many of the traditions that his dad created. Installing quality systems and delivering exceptional customer service is still their #1 priority. Currently they are the highest rates sprinkler company in their area. Brian and his team are always on the lookout for new innovated products that their clients will benefit from and they are committed to constantly improving themselves to stay a leader in their industry.