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Michigan Spring Sprinkler Start-up Service

Before turning on your sprinkler system for the first time in Spring, an irrigation contractor should inspect the system for problems.

When spring arrives, with flowers blooming and lawns greening up, it’s easy to think of summer droughts as a distant concern. But it won’t be long before summer heat hits, and you’ll need your sprinkler system to keep lawn and gardens watered.

Before starting up irrigation systems each year, we recommend hiring a professional irrigation technician to conduct a spring check up for your sprinkler system. There are three primary reasons we suggest the pre-season irrigation inspection.

1. Ensure sprinkler systems work efficiently

A spring startup will make sure water is being used efficiently. Along with conserving water, the technician will set up the sprinkler heads to allocate water use, so plants receive the water they need to stay healthy.

2. Identify necessary sprinkler repair and potential problems

A spring inspection will find any broken sprinkler heads, broken irrigation system pipes or leaks that occurred over the winter. Fixing these now will prevent the sprinkler system from wasting water and ensure your lawn and garden receive appropriate amounts of watering.

3. Prolong the life of your irrigation system

You made a big investment in your sprinkler system, and a professional will start it up properly. If the water is turned on too quickly, it could damage the system and lead to additional sprinkler system repair costs.

What sprinkler startup service should include

During a spring inspection visit, the technician should:
• Inspect the sprinkler backflow device.
• Slowly pressurize the system mainline.
• Test each zone for operation.
• Adjust sprinkler heads to cover appropriate areas.
• Clean the spray nozzles for an even spray pattern.
• Check the rain sensor.

The technician also might set the basic spring water schedule, raise sprinkler heads that have sunken and straighten any sprinklers that have become crooked since the system was winterized.

The best time to schedule a sprinkler system spring startup visit is in early spring, or at least before summer. Sprinkler service companies typically perform this service in early April through June.

For the most convenient time, it’s best to schedule your irrigation system check up appointment well in advance of summer.

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