Schedule Winterizing

Signing up for your sprinkler winterizing appointment is super easy! Just follow the steps below:

Step 1. Pick a day from the calendar to have us winterize your sprinkler system.

Step 2. Fill out the short form below the calendar to reserve your spot.

*due to how quickly the schedule fills up, we cannot give you an exact appointment time yet. However,  you will receive a reminder email from us the day before,  Please reply to the email and we can provide you with a time frame

Sprinkler System Winterizing Schedule 2020

Coming Soon!

Schedule Winterizing Online

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In most cases, you do not need to be home the day we winterize as long as…

1. The main water valve for your sprinklers is turned OFF inside. (not necessary if you pump from a lake)

2. Also, If you’re not planning to be home this day. Please make sure at least one of the following scenarios is true:

    • We’ll have access to the sprinkler controller location that day
    • or you have a Rachio WI-Fi controller shared with us.
    • or ALL of your solenoids valves (valve boxes) are exposed in the yard (and the boxes are free of dirt)
valve box with valves easily accessible