Landscape Lighting

Anyone who has landscape lighting already knows about the beauty it adds to the outside of your home and landscaping. But Landscape lighting does more than simply illuminate your landscaping and structures. Keep reading to find out all the benefits.

Landscape Lighting Enhances Safety for Your Guests

Yes, you probably already have lighting on your porch and garage, but take a walk outside at night, you’ll notice that your existing lighting leaves many common areas unlit. Landscape lighting elegantly illuminates those dark shadowy areas with warm, subtle, inviting light. Landscape lighting will illuminate your sidewalks and steps that are normally dark and dangerous for people unfamiliar with your property. We can illuminate portions of your driveway to define edges and borders. Often times, we illuminate home address numbers so guests can find your house with ease.

Landscape Lighting Enhances the Security of Your Home

It’s obvious that a well-lit home is a deterrent for thieves and burglars. Multiple studies have shown that more break-ins occur in dark homes simply because the chances of the burglar being caught are much lower. Our landscape lighting designs take into account those dark areas of your home that criminals often lurk. After your lights are installed, your home will undoubtedly be more inviting to guests, and less inviting to criminals.

Landscape Lighting Can Expand Your Outdoor Space

One of the most underestimated aspects of landscape lighting is that it can actually extend living space physically as well as visually. When light is brought to a dark back or front yard, it visually pushes the boundaries of a house. The more elements that are lit, the more people will push the edges of where a person will tend to gravitate to in the yard. Pushing this boundary creates a visually striking look for the outside of the house, especially when the interior lights are turned off.

Landscape Lighting Enhances Curb Appeal

You spend lots of time and money making the outside of your home look beautiful during the day. For many of us, most of this daytime is spent at work, away from home. In Michigan, depending on the season, we can experience as much as 15 hours of nighttime. For some of us, that means we are only home when it’s dark! Landscape lighting will highlight your home’s architectural features that you like. Aside from walkways, steps, and dark corners, we are also illuminating your favorite trees, flower beds, cultured stone walls, or even the high peaks of your home that make it look so impressive from the street. Landscape lighting turns your home from a pitch dark blur at night, into a warm, inviting, safe place for your family and their guests.

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