Does Your Sprinkler System Need Repairs?

American Lawn Sprinkler Inc. can fix any sprinkler system no matter who installed it, or what the problem.

  • Need a Spring startup & Inspection?
  • Broken heads? Got a leak?
  • Want to add zones or heads?
  • Controller not working?
  • Want to move a few heads?
  • Not sure what’s wrong?

We Can Fix any Sprinkler System Problem! We’ve been repairing sprinkler systems for over 37 years. Our technicians have years of experience, and are formally trained, which enables them to meet any challenge. Our trucks are stocked with top of the line components, and our work is guaranteed!

Rochester Hills Sprinkler Service

Upgrade Your Existing Sprinkler System

Upgrading Impact Heads to a More Reliable and Efficient Rotor Type

Sprinkler technology has greatly improved in the past few years. Not surprisingly some of the greatest advancements have been in in the sprinkler heads themselves. No longer do you have to periodically clean dirt, or pull roots from the canister to get the head to rotate. Closed-case gear driven heads are more efficient, give you better coverage and require less pressure to operate.

Upgrade or Relocate Controller

Many irrigation controllers are installed in less than ideal locations, basement closets or utility rooms can make it difficult to access the timer and make periodic adjustments to start time or zone run time. In addition, the new controllers are easier to use and program. Some controllers even adjust the zone run time and days to water based on your zip code, soil type, slope, solar radiation and more. This will conserve water by preventing run off, keep your landscaping lush, and save you money.

Install Rain Sensor

Nobody likes to see a sprinkler system watering while its raining! One of the easiest ways to upgrade your sprinkler system and save money is to add an automatic rain shut off device that will prevent the sprinklers from watering in the rain.

Replace Old Solenoid Valves

One of the major components in a sprinkler system are the solenoid valves. Some of the older valves, because of mineral buildup and diaphragm wear can leak, robbing pressure from all the other zones and wasting water and money.

Add Heads or Zones to Your Existing Sprinkler System

Often landscaping changes or the addition of a patio, deck or pool can cause the sprinkler system to work less effectively. The addition of heads or even zones can take care of this.

Add a Rid-O-Rust Water Treatment System

If your well water has a high concentration of iron you probably have rust stains on your pavement, landscaping and even the house. A Rid O’ Rust system will treat the water to prevent the staining.

Got Low pressure? Install a Booster Pump

Most people are unaware that there is a solution to low pressure. A booster pump will not only increase the pressure in the sprinkler system but in your whole house too! Click here to have an expert contact you about upgrading your current system.

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